What’s Happening in the Mobile Movement? 5/30/13 Webinar

Here is the link to the recorded webinar.  It is a streaming link and may take a few seconds to buffer.

Here are notes from the May 30, 2013 webinar.

Welcome to the first of the MMF Webinar Series. This is our second series, and after our meetings in Chicago at the end of March we decided that we should try to capture the yearly Consultations and repackage it so that potentially more people can participate and so we can spread the love through the year. We will be hearing updates from a number of the Steering team, along with some updates on ongoing projects and the upcoming Consultation this Autumn.

MMF Chicago – Brian

First gathering of leadership core outside of annual event.

Vision time. (Ask Dave dhackett@visionsynergy.net for details on how to do this Envision a Positive Future exercise)

4 Fold Vision: Catalyze, Equip, Collaborate, Anticipate.

Will do gathering in December in Orlando

Want to collect stories.

Success Stories Gathering (Brian)

Orgs need to consider a CDO (Chief Digital Officer)

Online course 2.0 (John E)

Ran beta test of 6 week course. Upgraded to Moodle.

Tweaking the content a little.

Next course: June 25, $35, https://cybermissions.org/moodle

First registrant is CTO for Cru!!

Still open to suggestions.

IIEN – Dave H, visionSynergy

9th gathering in Europe, M world focus. 400 orgs/800 people involved.

The 2012 theme was “Ignite Mobility!.”

79 orgs attended

Topics: Strategy, Security, Theology, Social Media, Apps,

2013 Focus: “Big Data: Mass Information for Mission” – using mass amounts of data to learn about our audience and how to connect better with them.

EMDC report – Jay, MAF

April, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Training tracks followed by conference

220 participants, 80 ministries.

Jay’s Takeaway: Text strategies on feature phones

Met nationals with stories from various countries, they have questions about mobile ministry.

Next year in Chiang Mai in March.

Planning to have 12 pre-training tracks.

Darcie – Kenya Trip – Language Consultants and Scripture Engagement specialists.

Invited to teach on mobile and Scripture engagement using smartphones

30 participants

$130 Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus smart phones (they had to pay $50)

Invited them to discover, rather than take notes

Started with text.  Participants loved they could download the bible in their own language.

Used JESUS Film Media app to download content on phones and laptop, then converted to 3GP (usable on 90% of feature phones)

Used FCBH audio files (Bible.is app).

Created their own videos of testimonies, then passed them along.

Saw that the mobile is a huge gateway to engage people from Scripture.

Used Renew’s remote wi-fi since didn’t have Internet access.  Able to stream content.

Projects Underway

Next Consultation

Orlando, Dec 9-11

Introductory Course (Keith)

Next Webinars

June 27 “Steps to Get Started in Mobile Ministry – Strategy, Social Media, and Apps

July 18 “Toward a Theology of New Media”

General updates

Estante  http://maflt.org/estante, Android based app, beta testing in two weeks, public launch in July.

Tango (Eric Swanson),

Use free moments to enhance relationships.

Working with Willow Creek assoc and Leadership network (Hackathon in San Jose, 100 coders, want to see breakthroughs


Jim Candy- mobile in church planting, looking for resources in church planting in Boulder.

General Q & A

Eric: Let’s help get people get started in using mobiles in church planting.


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