Webinar: Resources to Accelerate your Mobile Ministry

world phonesIf you can answer these 3 questions, you can skip the free ”Resources to Accelerate your Mobile Ministry” Webinar:

  1. What percent of teens surveyed in Guatemala answered “yes” to the question: “Would you like to hear a Bible story on your mobile phone?”
  2. What percent of the world’s population will own a smartphone by 2020?
  3. How can you share files privately, securely, and using WIFI with no internet connection?

If you don’t know, register for the Mobile Ministry Forum webinar on June 22, 2016 at 8 a.m. PT to find out the answers – and a lot more.

Representatives from some of the MMF partner ministries will tell you about their work and share their best practices. Featured presenter will be Marty Lange (SIL) with a special report on “Trends of Mobile Use Among Youth in Latin America.”

Join us to learn what resources you can use to accelerate your plans and have an opportunity to network and share ideas with others.  We “sold out” our last webinar – register now to make sure you have a place (it’s free)!

(If you just can’t make it on June 22nd, the answers to the 3 questions will be posted on our website following the webinar.)

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