Webinar: Get Started in Mobile Ministry – For My Organization / For Myself

Antoine Wright provides a strategic overview of how your organization should be thinking about mobile ministry integration.  Josiah Palusky offers three key ways to use your own mobile device today.

Below are the highlighted points from each presentation. Here is the link to the recorded webinar.

Antoine Wright – Mobile Strategy for My Organization. mobileministrymagazine.com | Twitter: @mobileminmag

slides of this outline

Mobile Ministry Mindmap

Mobile Ministry Methodology

1.  Deciding to Go Mobile

  • Market Pressures
  • Internal Pressures
  • God-Pressures

2. Setting Your Mobile Focus

  • Areas of Mobile Ministry
  • App, Website, or Service

3. Measuring Results

  • Usage not Installs
  • Feedback, Conversations
  • Hacks

4. Spiritual Impacts/Considerations

  • Spiritual Growth/Decay
  • Cultural Changes and Challenges

5. Conclusions/Takeaways

  • The skillful use and application of mobile technologies and behaviors for the fulfilling of religious practices


Josiah Palusky-My Own Personal Ministry Strategy  http://www.renewoutreach.com/mobile-ministry/

Three Ways to Distribute Content to Mobile Devices

  • Off-Line – MicroSD cards
  • On-Line – Blue Tooth
  • Streaming – Wi-Fi


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