From Australia

Wäŋgarr is an aboriginal woman who lives on a Elcho Island, off the coast of Australia. She taught herself how to use a computer and figured out on her own how to put audio Scriptures onto cell phones. We showed her how to put videos on cell phones as well.  In less than four hours, she had created and translated a Bible story video and put it on her cell phone.

Within several days these videos had gone viral in the village. Everyone had them on their cell phones. Within a few weeks, Wäŋgarr heard her neighbor’s children in the playground reciting Bible stories. When Wäŋgarr asked their mother how they learned them, she said, “every night my children fight over my cell phone because they want to listen to and see the Bible stories before they go to bed.”

Here’s a clip of Wäŋgarr showing off another Bible Story video on her phone…

Here’s a clip of Yarandjil seeing the “Jesus Calms the Storm” Bible story made by her friend Wäŋgarr (not pictured)…

Image from UnfoldingWord.

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