Voice-Based Outreach #1: Phone Message System "Phonesites"

For those with limited technical skills who want to use the most far reaching mobile medium available, voice, check out the how-to’s below and see if setting up a “phonesite” might not be a smart move for your ministry.

  1. Do a ministry inventory to determine:
    1. If you have or can develop a follow up system capable of potentially managing tens of contacts a day and helping them to integrate with the Church. Without such a follow-up system it would be best not to start a “phonesite” outreach.
    2. If you have what it takes to punch out the equivalent of a new audio recording every day for the next year or more. Are you more of a visionary or a maintainer? If you can’t maintain daily contact follow up and long- term audio message recording perhaps this ministry isn’t for you.
  2. If you have a follow up system and the wherewithal to keep up with the demands of a “phonesite” ministry purchase a mobile phone and new phone line.
  3. Record a voicemail message giving a verse, devotional, story, etc. At the end of the message make sure to mention that callers can text in to the same # (or possibly call a separate #) for some form of follow-up and/or personal interaction.
  4. Change the voicemail message regularly (daily is optimal) to ensure callers have a reason to call back often to receive a new Word from the Lord.
  5. Find a way to get word out that people can call the phone # to receive a word from God, daily encouragement, thought for the day, etc. One suggested means is printing out a flyer or getting business cards printed up that share about the “phonesite” and distribute them by having newspaper delivery boys put them in the papers and/or you yourself posting them on community bulletin boards, getting the number mentioned on a radio station, etc.
  6. Never answer the phone so callers always get the voicemail 🙂
  7. Get ready for a lot of follow up and the joys and trials of seeing people coming to faith and growing in the Lord!

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