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Mobile Ministry Made Easy

Consider the possibilities for mobile ministry? Download our 40 page booklet available in 8 languages. It will get you started with everything you need to understand and be effective using mobile phones in ministry. You’ll learn the easy sharing of text messages for ministry, how to use media and mobile resources to share one-on-one or in a group, and the more advanced steps of preparing and using your own media.

Your Phone - God's Glory

Follow Sara and Jose as they learn why their mobile phone is the best evangelism tool they can take on their mission trip. Download our guide with video tutorials to watch with your team or download the slides if you want to do the training yourself.

Social Media Ministry Made Easy

Billions of people are using their smartphones to spend hours conversing, connecting, and sharing content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Social Media Ministry Made Easy will show you how to effectively use these tools to help others find, friend and follow Jesus in the digital age.

Basics for Your Short Term Mission Team

From an MMF webinar, key ideas and practical resources to optimize your mobile phone for evangelism in any culture. You can watch the recorded webinar, view the presenter slides, and find what you need from the list of resources.

Mobile Ministry 101 Online Course

A 5-week online course to take you from beginner to pro. This course will give you an overview of mobile  technology and evangelism. You will learn how to operate in remote areas, to prepare and use audio and video for mobile phones, social media use in a cultural context, and basic mobile website design.

Foundations in Media Strategy Course

Churches have been doing media campaigns using a broadcast approach “pushing” content to large audiences. Now, we must learn to shape strategies and content to “pull” people into conversations. This 5-week mentored online course will give you tools, insights, and encouragement as you learn field-driven media strategies with expert instructors.

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