Top Android App Downloads in 17 Least-Reached Countries

Keith Williams and Johnathan Pulos have gathered data on app downloads for the second half of 2016 in the 17 least reached countries. These colorful charts and the data behind them are available for you to download and view here.

Android Apps Downloads by Category by Cumulative Rankings is the weighted score of all the apps that made it to the daily top ten free apps downloads listing across the 17 countries. There are thousands of other apps that never make the top ten list. Here’s how we did the weighting of the apps: If an app appeared as the #1 app one day it was given a score of 10.  If it appeared as the 10th most downloaded app another day it was given a score of 1.  All the scores were added up and Social Media apps got 69% of the total score for all the apps that had appeared in the top ten in the from July to December of 2016.


piechart 1


Android Apps by Scoring of Daily Top 10 Download Rankings. FB, FB Messenger, and What’s app are the top Social Media downloads and make up almost 40% of the SM apps downloaded.


Pie Chart 2


Android Apps by Number of Individual Apps in Each Category are ranked by the number of individual apps in each category. It’s all about the number of apps. There are multitudes of Game apps available and a far smaller amount of Social Media apps.


Pie chart 3




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