2 thoughts on “The Latest in Virtual Reality

  1. Let me state the first objection I think many will agree with. VR could cause us to be even more “alone together” in a digital world.
    On the other hand, I see possibilities of allowing people the chance to explore places and possibly experiences of faith. What if we could allow people to enter into worship experiences with the idea that this is a safe place for an enquirer who isn’t ready to enter into a live community of worship?

  2. I just see the cost and technical expertise that is needed to make that happen. Of course how cool would it be to have virtual Muslim church that all could gather and worship together and relate like they were in fellowship instead of in reality hiding in a closet. I have enough trouble getting Chinese teaching in video format to use to teach others. I can capture standing at a podium and training but that kills the viewer.

    I have seen some of the mega churches as they do multi site campuses capture the video from different angles and rebroadcast it that way so that it has a reality feel to it. North point community church does a great job of making you think is Andy Stanley here today. So for them to take the next step maybe wouldn’t be that difficult.

    Not sure why I working with larger missions organization in Asia have trouble getting good videos made that can reach 1.4 billion people. Working volunteers is difficult as many want to help but can’t get a finished product and money seems tight. (Sorry to rant)

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