The Expanding Mobile Movement

We had 22 participants for our first Mobile Ministry Forum webinar of 2014. This session focused on a series of short reports of projects and products available within the mobile ministry movement.

Here is the recorded webinar. Scroll down for the summary notes.

Here are notes from the webinar:

BibleBox WiFi Content Distribution System

BibleBox (Campbell Smythe)

The BibleBox is a device which enables the sharing of digital Bible and discipleship resources on its own WiFi network. The BibleBox combines:

  • a small WiFi access point (TP-Link MR3040 or TPLink MR3020)
  • a USB drive containing digital Bible resources for sharing
  • software which provides a webpage interface to the resources and a user chat feature
  • Campbell wants people to be able to build their own.

Story from Field (Darcie Drymon)

Darcie shared a story of how the audio recording of a Genesis passage went viral in a village through feature phones. Here is a list of open-access mobile ministry stories.

Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation 2014 logoEurasia Media & Distribution Consultation Report (Brian)

320 missionaries from 100 organizations participated in the four-day event in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Mobile Ministry Forum team members offered two of the plenary presentations and several of the workshops. 45 people were trained in mobile through the four-day pre-training track. The Light Stream was launched with the first 12 beta-testing ministries. The Visual Media Strategy Forum hosted 90 people and 22 languages were adopted (summary here).

Mobile phone in handSix-Week Course (John Edmiston)

The six-week Mobile Ministry course explores applications of mobile technology for evangelism and discipleship, social media, mobile in remote areas, mobile audio and video and the mobile web. The current session has 44 participants. The next session begins on July 8. Learn more about the course.

101 Curriculum (Darcie Drymon)

Our three-hour curriculum is in the last stages of development. It takes the form of a story about several people going on a short term mission trip. It offers introductory skills how to use a phone for evangelism.

Open Bible Stories & Christian Commons (Tim Jore)

50 key stories of the Bible, from creation to Revelation, for evangelism & discipleship, in text, audio, and video, on any mobile phone, in any language, for free. Learn more about open Bible stories.

Lightstream (Brandon Honsalek)

The portable, battery-powered Lightstream ST combines Bluetooth broadcasting ability, a WiFi hotspot, and a four-port USB/media card duplicator to create a full-featured “digital watering hole” from which outreach media can be shared. A video demonstrating the ministry potential of the Lightstream ST can be viewed here.

Phone Publish

Still in its beta version, this software allows ministries to publish text and digital media to feature phones. Alex is seeking funding for the final phase.


  • Twitter hashtags to follow: #mobmin (general), #mobvid (video), #mobsm (social media), #mobsec (security)
  • Next Webinar: “Prepare Your Short-Term Team to Use Mobile”: May 20, 2014, 9:00 a.m. PST (17:00 GMT). Sign up here.
  • Next Six-Week Mobile Ministry Course: July 8, 2014.
  • Next MMF Consultation: 2015. Dates and location TBA.
  • EMDC 2015 will be in Holland, 13 – 16 April. Pre-EMDC training tracks (8 – 11 April).

2 Responses to The Expanding Mobile Movement

  1. Kevin Calcote May 15, 2014 at 1:08 pm #

    What does one have to do to attend the next Webinar on local churches et al doing short-term trips and using mobile media types of material? I was in a class that was part of the webinar last month. I will pass this information you send me to one maybe two churches with whom I am affiliated.
    Kevin Calcote
    Arts Specialist SIL:

    • Jay Clark May 15, 2014 at 2:11 pm #

      Hi Kevin,
      You can attend the webinar by clicking the “Sign up here” link, which is also above (in the Announcements section of the post).


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