Teach Your Team to Use Phones for Evangelism

  Just because everyone has a phone in their hand, does not mean they know how to use it for evangelism.   You may be thinking one of two things about training your team on mobile ministry. Either they already know how to use their phones, so they don’t need training, or, it’s going to be … Read more

3 Steps to Use Your Mobile Device for Global Ministry

In this 17 minute video of his presentation, Reaching Unbelievers Through Mobile Apps, Johnathan Pulos of Missional Digerati, walks you through three steps to connect with people, build deeper relationships, and ultimately share the Gospel. Johnathan uses the apps he discusses to “…take social media beyond broadcasting…to connecting with a community of people so I can … Read more

Mobile Assessment For Your Country

Keith Williams from Mobile Advance has done an extraordinary job in putting together a very simple tool to help you assess the digital technology available and being used in your country. Keith did a workshop on this at our 2015 consultation in Holland. Download the free assessment by clicking the button below. With this tool … Read more

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