A Divine Appointment and a Mobile Phone

I teach a workshop about the digital use of Scripture resources in native languages of Mexico and recently I had an interesting “divine appointment” to be able to practice what I preach. I was at the local post office where I live in northwestern Mexico shipping off a package of CDs, DVDs and microSD cards in the main … Read more

Choosing the Right Mobile Ministry Phone

So you’re interested in mobile ministry among the unreached and the first question that comes to mind is, “What kind of phone do I need?”  Here, listed in order of importance, are features you need to consider. 1.  Don’t buy the phone in your home country but, rather, “on-the-field” so you: Ensure that your phone … Read more

Giving away audio Bibles in Colombia

This story is shared by Nancy Keel of Bible TransMission. My daughter Marguerite, son-in-law Eric and I were able to give away about 3,000 audio Bibles and Jesus Films in 250 languages for South and Central America at the Coicom Convention at a 3-day event in Cali, Colombia, South America. We had a booth and saw … Read more

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