Basics For Your Short-Term Mission Team

The Mobile Ministry Forum hosted a 50 minute webinar on April 20, 2016. The focus was on why the mobile phone is one of the most useful ministry tools your team members possess. Additionally, key ideas on how to prepare your team along with practical resources are provided. Brandon Honsalek and Brian James presented. 52 people participated in the live webinar. Scroll down for the key ideas, recorded webinar, slides and notes from the live chat.

If you are short on time, read these Steps to Equip Your Short-Term Team to use mobile.

Advantages of Using Your Mobile Phone in Short-Term Ministry

  1. Highly contextual
  2. Always with us
  3. Highly versatile
  4. Speaks all the languages we don’t
  5. Allow you to leave something of value behind

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.06.31 AMIdentify Goals

  1. Distribute Gospel Media
  2. Show JESUS Film clips
  3. Show video testimonies
  4. Record video testimonies

Core Media

  1. Audio Bible
  2. Text Bible
  3. JESUS Film Media App
  4. Global Recordings Network Good News

Additional Media

Visual Story Network wiki page

Audio sermons / messages

Praise / Worship Music


Tutorials on how to download media to your phone

Mobile Ministry Made Easy (an overview of how to think about using mobiles in ministry)

Your Phone – God’s Glory (a narrative guide on how to get ready for a short-term trip)

Twitter: #mobmin

Scripture App Builder (helps you to build customized Scripture apps for Android smartphones and tablets)

Mobile Ministry Online Course (a tool to help you determine the most popular phones, operating systems, social media platforms and Internet sites in your country).

Mobile Assessment for Your Country



Recorded Webinar

Brian’s Slides

Short-Term Teams – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Brandon’s Slides

Prep Your Team for Mobile Ministry Success – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

Comments from the live chat

Regarding point #4, if your team is going to Mexico GRN has audio resources available in 300 of Mexico’s native languages. Audio Scripture resources can be found in over 100 languages on Because of extensive migration you can find speakers of native Mexican languages in nearly any part of Mexico. – Allen Lee

All the Jesus film dubbings can also be accessed on the YouTube channel eyong52. – AL for audio stories in thousands of languages – B. James

One of the upcoming JESUS film options will also be audio versions that are derived from an edit of the JESUS Film. These may be available by mid-summer 2016. Value of audio: Pastors in the field say that giving away audio files allows users in the field to play the scripture over and over while they go about their daily business. Give away via wifi or bluetooth is much easier and with visual concepts already communicated by watching a video, allow folks to memorize and apply the scripture to their daily lives. Right now over 400 audio versions are available, more to come. – Tom Dennen

Hundreds of language-specific Android apps have been made with Scripture App Builder – more than 90 languages just for Mexico. These integrate text and audio, with the Scripture text being highlighted phrase by phrase as the audio plays. They are being uploaded to Google Play but can also be shared offline (e.g., Bluetooth, Xender, microSD cards, BibleBox). – AL

Try out video presentation of the gospel in a new format. – Mark Hill

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