Bible distribution, blizzards and salvations in the Himalayas…

YWAM Kona outreach leader Bri brings a story of God's love breaking out among some of the most remote peoples
Indian Mother and daughter

Amira Meets Jesus on Her Cell Phone

Like most in India who are from low-income families, Amira, a Muslim, had a basic mobile phone but was saving

Expanding Opportunities for Vernacular Scripture Use via Smartphone in Mexico

The intense competition among cell phone companies in Mexico is leading to some great bargains these days. And I suspect

Cambodia, Central Asia, Niger and Sri Lanka Stories

Check out these audio stories told by Darcie Drymon. Asia: Audio Story Cambodians love karaoke, so incorporating Bible stories, biblical

India Mobile Stories

Clyde recorded two brief audio stories from India. They are available by audio streaming here. The first story has been
119-Using MicroSD Cards

Using MicroSD Cards in India

"I've been having a great time here giving out the JESUS film on microSD cards. So much fun watching people
105-Paying the Ultimate

Paying the Ultimate Price

“Anna” (pseudonym) grew up a Muslim in a Muslim household in a Muslim country.  Anna was introduced to Jesus and
104-No Electricity? No Problem

No Electricity? No Problem for Mobile Ministry!

"Steve, you are correct that in our villages there is no electricity, no cell coverage, and no internet, but I

Finding Jesus Through a Phone

Heather is a poor widow who lived her entire life in the desert in a tent but has recently been
98-Monsieur Mouton

Monsieur Mouton and microSD cards

I love farm animals. There are sheep, goats, horses, and cows in my area (North Africa), and quite a few

A Missionary’s Outreach Is Enhanced by Mobile Ministry

Last year I got a new mobile phone.  It is small and stylish, but it can do a lot of

Africa – Wide Open for the Gospel

BibleTransmission has been surprised over and over with the great responses from the African nations for the Gospel on mobile.

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