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Not since Gutenberg developed the printing press has there been such a revolutionary means of spreading the gospel to people around the world. The Internet has eclipsed the influence of print, radio and television by putting the power to publish and broadcast into the hands of anyone with access to it. Billions of people are using their smartphones to spend hours conversing, connecting, and sharing content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Knowing how to properly use these tools is vital to help others find, friend and follow Jesus in the digital age.

To help in these efforts, the Mobile Ministry Forum has produced a new guide called “Social Media Ministry Made Easy”. This comprehensive and informative resource covers such topics as:

  • Developing your strategy
  • General social media how-to’s
  • Using live video channels
  • Social gaming and gamification
  • Boosting reach and engagement with advertising
  • Social media security
  • And much more

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Aknowledgements & Foreward

1- Helping Others Find, Friend, and Follow Jesus

2- Developing Your Strategy

3- General Social Media How-To’s

4- Using Facebook & Twitter as a Social Media Primer

5- Instant Messaging/Chat Apps

6- Visual Media-Based Channels

7- Live Video Channels

8- Social Gaming & Gamification

9- Advertise to Boost Reach and Engagement

10- Social Media Security


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