Oral and Visual Stories of Jesus Make an Impact


Image from megavoice.com.

Sabrina is a poor lady living in a tent with many children. She is illiterate but her daughter and older sons read. She has been exposed to the Gospel through our ministry and has shown interest. We gave her daughter a children’s Bible that she read to the family. We eventually gave her a MegaVoice (solar powered MP3 player) with numerous Bible stories in the local dialect. She and her family loved this and have learned many of the Bible stories thoroughly through this device. Last year when I got videos on my phone, I began sharing videos during visits at their tent. They loved them! This was a step beyond the oral stories- now they could see and hear the stories depicted visually. They were able to watch the clips from the Old and New Testament including the trial, death and resurrection of Jesus.  A few weeks later, Sabrina confessed that she had become a believer in the Messiah and that her daughter believes. At this point I started using the videos to help disciple them and to illustrate points that I was making. Sabrina is still young in the faith yet what a blessing these stories have been to her and her children.

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