Russia Outreach: Mobile Phone Ministry

An evangelist recently visited St Petersburg, Russia, for an outreach. The team was prepared to produce materials in 125 different languages. During the outreach, they gave away over 200 memory cards. People were excited to receive the messages in their own language and often came back for more to give to family and friends.

A Way of the Future

You might have noticed that mobile phones are everywhere – and appear to be surgically attached to people’s hands! Mobile phones are great communication tools. Increasingly, they double as hand held computers which search the internet, download, store and play music, and provide all manner of news and information.

Today there are over 5 billion mobile phones in the world. South America boasts more subscriptions than people, as many have two subsciptions due to coverage issues. Over 70% of South American homes now have at least one mobile. This figure is 40% for PNG and over 50% for the Solomon Islands and India. Several African countries have a mobile phone penetration rate in excess of 70%.

This provides GRN with a massive opportunity. We have audio recordings in over 6,000 languages. With so many people now owning a device which is capable of playing those recordings, our challenge is to get them onto their phones and listening.

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