Webinar: Refugees and Media Ministry

webinar2_imageYou’ve heard the stories of how dependent refugees are on their mobile phones to navigate, find resources, and locate family. If you are currently working with refugees or have a heart to help, you need to know ways that mobile/digital ministry can assist in responding to the great needs of refugees around the world. This is a way for churches, ministries, and individuals to extend God’s love using media and mobile technology.

Keith Williams and Mobile Ministry Forum are offering a free webinar: Refugees and Media Ministry, on May 25, at 8AM PT.

Keith has worked on mobile ministry outreaches in over 30 countries and is currently assisting the European Evangelical Alliance as the media point person for their refugee response efforts. Keith will highlight the opportunities and difficulties being faced in reaching out to refugees with the Gospel. He will talk about the ways in which mobile/media ministry can enable individuals and ministries to better serve refugees and list useful tools and resources.

There will be a time for Q & A and networking.

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Increase your impact. Invite your friends or colleagues to watch the webinar with you. Develop a plan of action together to extend comfort to those on a difficult journey.

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