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App Developers

  We are slow to recommend building an app. Here are our trusted app developer friends... Fingent - Samuel Varghese and is
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CRM Meet & Greet Summary

On January 12, 2017, the Visual Story Network hosted an online meeting to share best practices and resources for mission
Media Impact International Report

Middle East Media Follow Up and Response

Here is a report from David Benware, founder of Media Impact International: Following more than a year of research, Media Impact
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Top Android App Downloads in 17 Least-Reached Countries

Keith Williams and Johnathan Pulos have gathered data on app downloads for the second half of 2016 in the 17
Muslim mother and son using mobile phone.

Make The Case: Why Mobile Ministry?

If you need some help making the case for using mobile's and a ministry context, we want to help.  Here

10 Ideas to Transform Your Mobile Ministry

The Mobile Ministry Forum held it’s fourth webinar of the year with more than 50 people joining us from places
Map of 40 least reached countries.

Digital Ministry Atlas in 40 Least Reached Countries

Here is a detailed overview of the digital landscape for 40 least-reached countries. Enjoy this free download by clicking on

From North Carolina to Bhutan and Nepal

Three years ago I met Pastor Naina, a Bhutanese Nepali Pastor who was a refugee relocated to Charlotte NC. He's
Group of young Indian friends using their smartphones. Happy Asian people using their cell phones. Isolated on white background.

Church Planting with MicroSD Cards

SETTING North India (2015) One Christian worker sat with a church planting national partner in 2015. They went over the

Digital in 2016

Every year, We Are Social produces an amazing report on digital, social and mobile usage around the world. I encourage

4 Ways to Use Mobiles to Reach Youth

  by Marty Lange The following are highlights from Marty Lange’s summary report of the “La Voz de la Nueva

"Every Cellphone a Bible" Survey Report

Cellphone technology, the 7th wave of mass media, is quickly changing the landscape of communication worldwide. Last year we surveyed 21,000

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