Offline Gospel Media Distribution with Lightstream

Getting Bibles into the hands of the unreached is a long-standing and effective method of gospel outreach efforts. But what do you do when a people group can’t or doesn’t depend on written text to learn? With over 4 billion oral learners worldwide, the opportunity and need to reach people with digital gospel media, such as FCBH’s Audio Bible, GRN’s Audio-Visual Bible Stories, or the Jesus Film is tremendous. While these resources are readily available online, most people in developing countries have little to no access to the Internet or even electricity.

Fortunately, mobile phone usage is prolific, and most of these people use devices that are capable of playing digital audio and video media. By using offline distribution methods – MicroSD cards, Bluetooth, or WiFi – digital media can be placed on their phones without depending on access to internet or electricity. This is where Renew Outreach’s LightStream comes in.

The LightStream is a portable, battery-powered media distribution system that allows users to create a full featured “digital library” from which Gospel media can be shared on mobile devices in an off-the-grid environment. The device combines Bluetooth broadcasting ability, a WiFi hotspot, and a four-port USB/media card duplicator.

In 2014, The Mobile Ministry Forum and Renew launched the LightStream at the Eurasia Media & Distribution Consultation (EMDC) in Chiang Mai. The goal was to empower individual ministries as well as offer the wider missions world greater insight into Bluetooth and other offline media distribution practices. This extraordinary device will:

  • Automatically “push” gospel media files to any Bluetooth capable device in range.
  • Automatically copy microSD cards when inserted into hub.
  • Create a wifi “hotspot” for streaming and downloading content offline.

A video demonstrating the ministry potential of the LightStream can be viewed HERE.

To learn more, or order a LightStream for your ministry, visit Renew Outreach’s website .

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