Nairobi Translators: Follow-Up

From: John Jang

Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2013 6:33 AM

To: Darcie Drymon

Hi Darcie, My ministry life has changed and become more effective since I attended the workshop at Nairobi. As I said in Nairobi, the workshop was a dream come true. The following is a story of activities that are result of topics we discussed in Nairobi:

  1. On my return from Nairobi, the church I worship with had organized a crusade in a community named “small London” and had about 80 converts. The problem now was how to follow them up. When I shared what I had learned in Nairobi, my Pastor asked me if I can help with the follow up.  I agreed and for a start, I showed the “Walking with Jesus” videos and “My Last Day” cartoon for 4 Mondays consecutively (one episode a week). The follow-up is moving on well and some are enrolling for baptism. I plan to use more of the materials as the follow up continues.
  2. A church invited me to show the a film of my choice during her Children’s week. I showed “My Last Day” cartoon and the first episode of the “Walking with Jesus” video and about 30 kids prayed to receive Christ.
  3. A language community (Jenjo) is translating the Luke script in preparation for the Luke stories Video.
  4. I have used video pictures of Judges in the Children Sunday School classes in my church.
  5. Last Sunday during an evangelism talk in my church, I was able to correct the wrong impression that my pastor has towards youths owning a smartphone by explaining the more useful ways to use the smartphone to enhance personal academic and spiritual growth and evangelism.

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