Nairobi Translators: "Aha!"

Moise, a Wycliffe Bible translator in Kenya, leaned forward and came out of his chair with one hand raised to heaven and the other holding his mobile phone. His words…“Ahhh! Wonderful!” underscored the gratitude already written on his face. Moise had just read a Bible passage in his mother tongue on his cell phone for the first time.

Moise was one of 30 translators who learned how to use his mobile phone for evangelism and Bible translation.  A door opened and Moise glimpsed a new future.  He can now envision helping people encounter the God of heaven through the only technology that everyone in the village owns: a mobile phone.

This group of translators experienced a breakthrough because Darcie Drymon, a Wycliffe trainer, had provided two weeks of instruction on using mobile phones in ministry. Darcie commented, “The only reason I could offer this training was because of my involvement with the Mobile Ministry Forum.”

Here is a short video of Moise finally getting his language translation on his smartphone.

Image found on Google Images at this link.

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