Monsieur Mouton and microSD cards

I love farm animals. There are sheep, goats, horses, and cows in my area (North Africa), and quite a few of each in my neighborhood. It’s not like an American town or city! I try to go jogging every day I can, and there are trees with big leaves along the way that the sheep and goats just love – these leaves are like candy to them.

I’ll pull off a lot of big leaves and I know where all the sheep and goats live, and they anxiously await my arrival for their treats. I am known throughout our neighborhood to the locals as, ‘Monsieur Mouton’(Mr. Sheep).

It is Tabaski season right now – when the locals celebrate Abraham’s supposed sacrifice of Ishmael. A ram without defect must be sacrificed during the holiday to purify and redeem the family. A partner organization here makes microSD audio cards with special messages for the local people that is appropriate for Tabaski – but introduces them to Jesus! These little cards come with an adapter that allows them to be used in a radio and computer as well as a cell phone. I picked up a bunch of these from a missionary friend – in three of the local languages here – and handed them out to the guards, merchants, and others along my way that know ‘Monsieur Mouton’.

There is a Malian carpenter who partners with a local man in their shade-tree carpentry shop – with two rams tied up in the back that I visit regularly. That is, I visit the rams – and the carpenters! I gave the Malian an SD card this past Thursday.

When I stopped in Friday, he rushed up to me and said that he’d sat up until 1 AM that morning listening to the messages – and later on that morning, he’d called all his friends in, used the little adapter, and they all listened to the gospel message over his radio! He then told me that he is anxious to take the radio, with battery power, to the village where he can share the message in the village!

I am so, so pleased to be able to share Jesus with M’s during the very height of their holiest season! We’re to, ‘go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature!’ Mark 16: 15

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