Mobile Turmoil Part 2: Consumers, Augmented Reality, and Other Magic

Do you look at your phone 221 times a day? Of course you do.

Tomi Ahonen shared this at the 2017 Mobile Ministry Consultation. Forbes ranked Tomi as #1 in their list of global “mobile influencers.” In this 33 minute video of his presentation, Tomi asks, “How do people use technology?” He cites research findings on what people use their phones for. If 77% use their smartphone to “avoid being bored,” how can your ministry use that information? Tomi also shows the statistics of smart phone ownership, by age, in China and how mobile use patterns can detect illiteracy.

The second part of this presentation is about Augmented Reality as the 8th Mass Medium. Tomi gives examples of how leading consumer companies are using it to help their customers select the right item for purchase. The AR market was worth $3.32B in 2016.


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