Mobile Phones and Wild Miracles

Nathan is in a particularly hazardous line of work—he distributes Bibles in a restricted access nation. One day, after distributing Bibles, one of his indigenous friends was caught with a Bible and martyred. The murders continued. About one pastor a month for the next six months was killed for carrying a Bible. Heartbroken, he prayed asking the Lord for a safer alternative. How can we take Bibles to the unreached without people getting killed because they are found with the book? How can we utilize technology to better spread the gospel?

The Lord gave Nathan the idea to start using microSD cards to put scripture on mobile phones. Almost everyone in the developing world has a phone. Even the poorest people have cheap phones that can use microSD cards—making it an incredible evangelism tool. After praying, Nathan thought to call Renew to get some advice. A Renew employee taught him how to format files to be most compatible with microSD cards and mobile phones.

He went on to teach the national pastors how to do this. After using this technology, they have planted over 800 listening groups of 15-22 people who come together and listen to the audio Bible on mobile phones. Most of them are illiterate, so to read a Bible is not feasible. The Word of God says that “faith comes by hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”

The results have been miraculous in every sense! When these people listen to the word of God… the Faith comes. People—who are mostly still believers of another faith—will actually play the Bible from their phone, listen to it in their heart language, and get healed instantly. Gradually, the people in these groups became believers after watching the JESUS Film and studying the Bible together.

This technology does tremendous things to advance the kingdom and has the potential to transform the way missionaries work in restricted access nations.

*Names have been changed for security.

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