Mobile Ministry in the Middle East and North Africa



Middle East/North Africa

Middle East Media Follow Up and Response

Meredith Bird | February 9, 2017
Middle East/North Africa | Stories

Mobile Ministry has begun in Chad!

Middle East/North Africa | Stories

Monsieur Mouton and microSD cards

Best Practices | Middle East/North Africa

Resources in Arabic for Disciple Makers

Five Years of Offline Ministry

Jill shares key insights regarding technology's place in ministry. The recorded session is above. The keynote is below.

Reaching Women Through Their Phones

It is amazing the number, even of women, who can neither read nor write, but who have phones which are...

Digital Bibles Society shares Bible with Arabic speakers during 2012 Olympics

Representatives from The Digital Bible Society were in London this month for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Working with an established...

Dinner in the Middle East

Yesterday (July 6, 2013), I took a couple of volunteers to a local restaurant.  The waiter that my wife and...

Farida’s Story: A Nomadic Tribe

  Farida should be dead. Although a widow in a nomadic tribe, she was pregnant.  Tribal law required that she be...

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