Mobile Ministry has begun in Chad!

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Brother Tamdaji received microSD cards loaded with the French JESUS Film and began training people who would help spread the media. First, he trained 14 people at the local cell phone company how to put the media on other people’s phones!

Next, Brother Tamadji gave Jerry a crash course on how to spread Gospel media on phones with microSD cards. Jerry took a microSD card to school and decided to be a witness for Christ and test this method out as people were waiting in a line.

He chose to share the segment of the JESUS Film where Jesus and his disciples are on the lake during a terrible storm. As they waited in line, Jerry showed this video to ten students. They loved the video! Right there in line—three people gave their lives to Jesus!

Image from WEC International

Jerry feels that Mobile Ministry is simple, very efficient and is a strategy that works for today’s youth. Jerry says, “I pledge to use this tool to win souls and strengthen new converts to the glory of God. I will also train other brothers who have phones with this method. Thank you to those who give us these tools adapted to our current generation!”

Also in Chad is WEC International! One of their missionaries took a LightStream to the front of a phone charging shop where people asked if they had anything new. The missionary said “yes” and transferred JESUS Film clips, digital tracts, text and audio Bibles in Arabic to people of another faith.

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