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The Mobile Ministry Training Course is a five-week, online course available to help introduce any Christian to ministry opportunities using mobile devices (phones and tablets).

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Opportunity: Mobile is tsunami, learn how to ride the wave! The majority of Internet access is now through mobile devices. The mobile device presents a unique, two-way communication channel that represents the most important technology available for kingdom advancement!!


  • Pastors in India with mobile phones and microSD cardsBe at the front edge of a fresh move of God’s Spirit in adopting appropriate uses of mobile technology in a ministry context.
  • Have fun learning what innovative Jesus-followers are doing around the world.
  • Meet like-minded believers around the world.
  • Be a catalyst to help other understand the implications of the mobile revolution as it relates to the kingdom of God.

2017 Course Start Dates: The course is scheduled to begin in late October, 2017.

Course Description: Each week contains both theoretical and practical elements. The only requirement for students is an Internet connection, computer, and a mobile phone (smart-phone or feature phone). You do not have to be online at a particular time. The course covers the following subjects.

Week 1 – An overview of mobile ministry, evangelism and discipleship using mobile platforms.

Week 2 – Mobile ministry in remote and low-bandwidth areas.

Week 3 – The use of mobile video and audio and how to prepare audio and video for mobile phones.

Week 4 – Social media and the basic principles of mobile website design.

Week 5

You will also be encouraged to develop your own plan for a mobile ministry project in six short steps (two steps per session). The project planning is OPTIONAL.

Course Cost: $90. (There are tiers for non-Westerners)

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Responsibilities: Each week you will:

  1. Study various readings, web links and videos, please note the videos are optional for those who have the time and the bandwidth to watch them (about 1.5 hrs per week)
  2. Participate in an online forum where they will answer a brief but important question and will also get to interact with the other students on this course (about 30 minutes per week).
  3. Research about Mobile Ministry using the Mobile Ministry Search Engine and other tools to investigate a topic (about 1 hr per week).
  4. Develop and articulate a Mobile Ministry Project Plan using the information you have gathered from all the other activities (about 30 minutes per week).
  5. Take a quiz to test your knowledge of the material from the week (10 minutes).

You will be able to take this course at your own pace, though being part of a small group or “cohort” is strongly advised to help with both motivation and ideas.


  • Basic mobile and computer knowledge (Internet browsing, etc)
  • Positive attitude
  • A willingness to share your learning in a collaborative environment.
  • A passion to learn and apply lessons to life and ministry
  • Good “nettiquette”

Downloadable Course Description: MMF_2014_Brochure

Course Text: Your-Phone – God’s Glory

Faculty: The course coordinator will be Keith Williams from Mobile Advance with various lecturers from the Mobile Ministry Forum acting as training facilitators.

Endorsement: Professor Tom Kuster took the course and used it in an interesting way.

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