Middle East Media Follow Up and Response

Here is a report from David Benware, founder of Media Impact International:

Following more than a year of research, Media Impact International (MII) is releasing its report on Media Response & Follow-up in the Greater Middle East.

The vision has been to enhance the Kingdom of God by ensuring that when someone responds to Christian media, that there are effective systems and people in place to come alongside those responders during their spiritual journeys. 

 This report is the culmination of a process that began in February 2015, in Malta on how to improve media response and follow-up efforts for Christian ministries. Nearly 45 leaders from 26 organizations around the world have provided counsel, input and key content to this report. The report focuses on four key elements:

  • People & Process
  • Standardized Terminology
  • Reporting Methods
  • Technological Solutions 

The Media Response & Follow Up Report isn’t seen as providing all of the answers, but a strong start in providing key findings and recommendations to increase this critically important area of ministry effectiveness.  It clearly notes that “one size does not fit all” and that choosing the correct options is essential.

The MII report can be downloaded for free at: 


Those interested in obtaining a copy of the Media Response & Follow Up Report may request the login password by emailing MII with their request at:


We want to thank all of those that have contributed to this key report, and ask that you join us in praying for the effective implementation of the key findings and recommendations — so that more people are brought into God’s Kingdom throughout the greater Middle East.

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