Innovative Mobile Content – Four Ideas

This was the fifth in a five-part webinar series hosted by the Mobile Ministry Forum. In this session we highlight four resources for your consideration as you think about how to embrace the mobile revolution for the sake of the kingdom. Darcie Drymon (Seed Company), Keith Williams (Mobile Advance) and Brian James (Frontiers) were our presenters.

Here is the recorded webinar. Allow time for buffering (you may close the Participant and Table of Content dialogue boxes for a better viewing experience).

The following are summary notes from the webinar.

  1. Your Phone – God’s Glory: A Hands-On Guide to Using Your Mobile for Ministry
    Your Phone – God’s Glory 2014-09_b
  2. Offline Media Distribution Review
      • Presentation Slides
      • What do offline mobile media distribution devices do? They deliver digital media to phones using Bluetooth and/or WiFi.
      • Use Cases. These devices provide access to media files in rural areas with poor internet access or high internet data costs. May be used in security-sensitive situations. May be used at conferences for distributing files (presentations, audio, video)
      • HooToo Tripmate Wireless N Portable Travel Router with 6,000 mAh Battery (review).
      • Portable WiFi routers for media distribution: PirateBox (or LibraryBox, or BibleBox). Router may be battery powered or connected to external battery/power source.
      • Renew Outreach LightStream.
  3. Comparative Tablet Review (View Slide Share)
      • Why tablets? They’re great for consuming media – video especially. And they’re becoming more common around the world, even in developing markets.
      • Media playback – especially video.
      • Media creation! Consumers are no longer just media consumers, they are also media creators. Tablets give you a lot more room to do what you want to edit your video or audio media.
      • Media sharing, social media, and productivity
      • We’re reviewing only Android tablets (due to its 85% market share). All tablets reviewed are 7″ screens (a sweet-spot according to consumers). All have microSD slot for expandable storage and simpler media sharing. All are under $150 (for the budget-conscious). And all are available globally.
      • Devices reviewed today (more details to follow): ASUS MeMo Pad 7, Datawind UbiSlate 7Ci, HiSense Sero 7 Pro, Lenovo A7-50, LG G-Pad 7.0.
      • All 5 tablets have merit as mobile ministry tools.
      • Overall top pick: Lenovo A7-50
      • Best value: HiSense Sero 7 Pro
      • Honorable Mention: LG G-Pad 7.0
  4. Google Glass: First Impressions
      • Why check out Google Glass? How does it fit in ministry? We are looking ahead to where things are going, to be ready for when things gain higher adoption rates.
      • This is a ‘concept’ device, but it’s coming faster than we think.
      • Google Glass works using your (Android) mobile phone, via Bluetooth.
      • Cool apps: WordLens (translates text on signs and displays on the lens), Field Trip (displays info about the place you’re standing and looking at).

Q & A / Final Comments

  • BibleBox web page on the WiFi router can be modified, translated, etc if you have HTML/JS/CSS experience.
  • Q: How do the reviewed tablets compare to the Samsung Galaxy Tab in terms of quality? A: They vary in quality. The Lenovo & LG are similar to the Samsung. The Samsung is still a good choice, but it didn’t fit into the constraints of this review (usually available for more than $150).
  • Q: Can Google Glass connect to iPhones? A: Yes, with the right app.

1 thought on “Innovative Mobile Content – Four Ideas

  1. Dear All,
    Very glad to see these advances in technology as that Christ is enriching us with enabling power to use this technology to minister in his Name. This is wonderful and great.
    My submission is just one. The imbalance in technology between the west and we in Africa.
    Much as we talk and share about use of these devices and technology, we should as well think about getting ways to educate people of Christ how to use them. I have personally done the MMF course and i think more must be added to the gist so that people can learn to use this technology.
    Are there mechanisms and thoughts about training people to use them.
    Thank you

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