India Mobile Stories

Clyde recorded two brief audio stories from India. They are available by audio streaming here.

The first story has been transcribed:

Two years back, we distributed some mobile phones to a lot of regional coordinators, and those phones were Android phones pre-installed with applications which contained all the training materials for the church planters … So we distributed a hundred of those …. working in different regions, so they have the books in English and Hindi so that helps them in training a lot.  Some people don’t have laptops. When they go for a meeting in a village … they will take this mobile phone with them and they have the books and our  video and audio training materials.  We have our media department make some video training materials like a face to face like we practice in class.  This church planter goes to a village and has a house church there… they will show that video to the believers on the mobile … they will show them and teach them through this mobile phone. So that has a very big impact on the training scenario in our region.

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