How to Learn and Leverage Your People’s Mobile Usage

Marty Lange was attending the 2013 MMF Consultation when “Tomi Ahonen completely blind-sided me.” Tomi gave statistics on mobile usage and spoke on how smart phones would change everything. Marty recalled his time at Wycliffe where they made powerful content, but distribution was always a problem. People (minority language speakers) did not have a way to consume audio or video – they also had to be provided with a player. Everyone needed to be provided with a player. Now, with smart phones, people had their own player.

In his presentation at the 2017 MMF Consultation, Marty gives an overview of the survey process he used to gather the mobile habits and content consumption of youth, 12-24 years old, in Mexico, Peru, and Guatemala. He also shares some painful lessons learned. Results from “Survey: The Voice of a New Generation” can be accessed here.

The information from the survey was used to convince leaders to change the strategy of their organizations and implement new training. So what does Marty believe about mobile usage by people from minority language groups?

“I have a hunch that people will install anything on their phone that’s in their [minority] language – anything. But six years from now, I don’t think they’ll install just anything because it’s in their language. So we want to be there with the first apps and the best apps.”

Watch Marty’s 41-minute presentation.



Marty Lange works with SIL as their Mobile Technology Coordinator for Scripture Engagement – Americas Area.

Tomi Ahonen’s presentations can be found at the Mobile Ministry Forum YouTube channel and here.

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