Gospel Outreach with Media Conference

GOWM Online Conference Sessions

to participate

go to http://gowm.org 

starting March 28, 2016


The Message

The Gospel for Today – and Always


Reaching Out to Community from Congregation and School

Drawing Attention to Your Website

Videography and Promotion

Rallying Mission Support in Your Congregation


Panel: Reaching out from Congregation to Community

A Word about Copyright


Using Mobile Devices for Outreach

Spreading the Gospel Phone to Phone


Panel: Experiences with Mobile Phone Outreach in World Fields (Kumba, Cameroon, Rajahmundry, India, Lima, Peru)


Panel: Using Social Media to Become Known Throughout Latin America

Online Bibles and Bible Stories for Outreach Ministries


Encouraging the Needed Talent

Writing:  Challenges for the Christian Screenwriter

Visual Arts Panel: Commissioning Artwork for the Church

Music Panel: A World-Wide Web of Christian Music


Expanding Approaches to Gospel Outreach with Media

Worship Streaming as a World-wide Mission Tool

Connecting with Combat Troops

Teaching Cross-cultural Classes: Challenges & Solutions

A Bible Study with the Masses: Our Adventure in Interactive Broadcast

Prints & Advertising (P & A):  Independent Motion Picture Distribution

School Children Doing Mission Work with Media

Christian Media for a Non-Christian Audience


Panel: Media Venture Update

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