Global Mobile Stats, January 2015

If you need a little insight into the world of internet, social media, and mobile usage statistics, then you should definitely check out this slide deck. We Are Social has put together this report with some amazing statistics you need to be paying attention to if you want to use mobile technologies to advance the Good News of Jesus Christ. For more, read their analysis of these stats on their blog.

While you’re at it let us know if this report covers an area of the world you’re trying to reach. What have you learned that could dramatically change the way you do ministry? Leave us a note in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Global Mobile Stats, January 2015

    • Hi Frank,
      If you click the link below the slide deck, you can download the presentation from the SlideShare website. You may need to have a free account to download the presentation in .pdf format.

      In general, the MMF won’t download and re-host files that are available elsewhere for free, as that could be considered copyright infringement, unless we have express permission from the copyright holder.

  1. The stats on “Digital, Social, and Mobile in 2015” slideshow are amazing and very insightful. A lot of data can be mined from them to create more effective strategies in mobile outreach campaigns. I can personally use this information to re-confirm stats that I have from mobile ad agencies around the world.

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