Finding Jesus at a Copy Shop

We went to a photocopy shop and, when we walked in, I knew the guys were Arab, but wasn’t sure that we would get anywhere.  Struck up a conversation with one of them.  Decided to try a clip that I hadn’t used “cold” like that before.  It was a more difficult one, but from the start it caught his attention.  Excellent discussion followed.  

The person in the video holds up a cross at one point.  “Joe” asked the significance, so I explained that it was God’s plan to have Jesus die on the cross.  He could cope with that, but wondered why we insist on calling Jesus God.  Tried the Scripture in John, PTL had loaded the text onto the tablet!  Prayer time arrived but he invited me to come back another day.  Said I couldn’t, but gave him all the stuff I had on my [memory] card, and a contact number.

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