Farida’s Story: A Nomadic Tribe


Farida should be dead.

Although a widow in a nomadic tribe, she was pregnant.  Tribal law required that she be killed to restore honor to the family. Hoping to save her life, Carl, a missionary, shared the story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery with those who would listen, but his words failed to make an impact.

Carl obtained video clips from Magdalena: Released from Shame, and began showing the story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery. Rather than bouncing off of age-old tribal logic as their words had, the video’s message went to the hearts of the people and the tenor of the conversation began to change. The elders relented and chose to spare Farida’s life.

How was Carl able to share the video? With the technology available to the tribe…a mobile phone.

Tiffani, Carls’s wife, was able to share the same story with Farida…on her mobile as well. Farida was amazed at the grace Jesus demonstrated. She chose to accept Jesus and continues to walk Him.

Farida has been twice saved.

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