Using MicroSD Cards in India

“I’ve been having a great time here giving out the JESUS film on microSD cards. So much fun watching people light up when I give them a 2GB microSD card loaded with media in their heart language.  The following stories are some of my experiences.

Once, I was out in kind of a touristy crafts market.  I gave a microSD card to one guy from Kashmir.  He immediately popped it into his phone and started watching.  I had to hurry off at that point to catch my friends.  However, moments later a couple of other guys came running up to me.  “Hey, we just saw the movies you gave that other guy.  Can you give us copies, too?”  I told them the films were about Jesus.  “We want them, too,” they insisted.  Then one said, “I think I’ve seen one of these movies before.  It is from Persian language but translated into Urdu and English.”

One night, I was evangelized by a few men on a dark street (yeah, I probably should not have been out on my own then, but you’ve got to take advantage of every opportunity, right?!).  Turns out they were Christians who occasionally do street ministry by giving out tracts.  I asked them about using mobiles.  Their eyes lit up as I explained how they could give out Jesus media to people.  I am furiously copying some microSD cards at the moment so I can hurry over to their church and give them copies (thank God for the LightStream’s ability to duplicate microSD cards!).

Later, I tracked down their church on Sunday after making some microSD cards for them, then passed them along at church.  I saw my main contact again on Monday.  He shared how he had already gone and shared (with a Muslim, no less – this was huge!) the JESUS film and given a microSD card.  I was thrilled.

On another night, I had a chance meeting with leaders of an indigenous group reaching tribal peoples.  They use the JESUS film, but had never thought about using mobiles and had no clue there was an app with the JESUS film (though one guy was sporting a nice Samsung Tab II, which seems to be a popular phone in India).  Anyway, they were really excited about this, and about the possibility of using something like the LightStream to Bluetooth stuff to people when they do outreaches.”

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