Exec Summary: Resources to Accelerate your Mobile Ministry Webinar

The Mobile Ministry Forum hosted part three in our webinar series on June 22, 2016. The topic was on resources for effectively increasing your reach in mobile ministry. Scroll down for the key ideas, recorded webinar (we recommend you view full screen), slides and notes from the live chat.

Recorded Webinar


Presentation Slides



pdf iconBible Box and LightStream presentation


pdf iconScripture App Builder presentation


Resources Mentioned in the Live Chat


Every Cell Phone a Bible

Peru Results

Guatemala Results

Mexico Results




Mid-priced option is the Kingdom IT Box

Related: Use HTTrack to download a website for offline access and then drop it onto a Library Box. It may be a quick and dirty way to get your ministry website material on a portable hotspot. Initial results were better than I expected.

ChatSIM is a low-cost SIM card ($15/year) that provides WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc access. Works around the globe.

Cicret Bracelet: a tablet on your skin


Spanish version of a demo of an Android hymnal app

Free Spanish films and online courses. The sight and resources are designed for use with mobile devices.


AWM apps: 1) Discover Yourself – Help for women with psychological issues from Christian perspective. 2) One God One Way – 10 step discipleship program 3) Faith & Life – FAQs about the Christian faith for Muslims.


Reading App Builder is a sister app to Scripture App Builder. Here is an example of how RAB can be used to turn a hymnal into an Android app.

Here is an Android app that is a song made from the reader app Builder

The Story app

Discover app presents around 30 Creation-to-Christ passages for use in Discovery Bible Studies. Currently in English & Arabic. More languages coming. Only available for Android right now.


Easy way to share christ in over 5,000 languages


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