Webinar: Equip Your Short-Term Teams for Fruitfulness: Prepare them to harness mobile technology for the Gospel

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The Mobile Ministry Forum is hosting a free webinar for leaders of short-term mission trips. Take one hour on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, at 8:00 a.m. PST (11 am EST) and increase the impact of your team. Register here.

Learn that your team already owns, and uses daily, the most powerful tool for Evangelism. Yes, their mobile phones! What a relief from telling them to put away their phones. Now, ask them to take out their phones and share ideas on how they can use them on their mission trip.

Know where to get culturally appropriate content. Going to a Latin American area? There’s scripture and stories for that. Going to an Asian region? There are videos for that. Bring the content that serves the people you are visiting.

Understand what to do to increase the security of your phone’s data. Share only the data on your phone you want to and keep your identity safe.

Find out where to get the latest updates on content, techniques, and technology. An hour is just the basics.

Find the one place to go for all your Mobile Ministry needs.


Brandon Honsalek is COO of Renew Outreach. He left a career as a trial lawyer to be dedicated to “ensuring that God’s people continue to have access to the most advanced, affordable, and reliable Gospel-advancing technology on the planet.”

Brian James serves with an international mission agency. He worked in business and consulting for 10 years before moving to central Asia where he was involved in church planting efforts for 12 years before returning to the U.S. to complete a degree at Fuller Theological Seminary. His current focus is the use of mobile and media in ministry to Muslim peoples.


“This is a passionate group of innovators, guiding the church into the effective use of technology to spread the gospel.”

“The MMF has…been a good source of training material that I share with others to challenge them to get involved in Mobile Ministry.”

“From the moment I saw a photo of the cell phone hanging on a Bedouin tent with the comment that the oasis of the mid-east is no longer the water hole, but rather the place with the best cell phone coverage…it helped solidify in my mind the importance of going mobile.”

Register here.


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  1. Jim Klaas April 20, 2016 at 8:44 am #

    We have a discipleship tool called 40 Days of Discipleship that comes as a short daily email. It contains a short passage, a short reflection and questions for thinking and doing. The short term team can do the first series before they go in preparation then share it in Spanish, English or French with believers when they get down there then do the second series when they come back. The 5 Verbs of Learning focus on learning how to learn and will help the participants process the cross cultural experience. This is available at http://www.networkchurch.ca in English, http://www.discipulado.net in Spanish or 40jours.net in French. So far about 7000 people have used this resource and it is free.
    Thank you for the webinar today. It was great.

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