Cambodia, Central Asia, Niger and Sri Lanka Stories

Check out these audio stories told by Darcie Drymon.

Asia: Audio Story

Cambodians love karaoke, so incorporating Bible stories, biblical themes, general stories, etc. onto the screens that are related to the songs that can be sung could be very helpful and would be received well.

Central Asia: Audio Story

Moscow, Russia’s main group of interest is Central Asian Muslims. They use mobiles equipped with the prophet story to reach this group of people. They either show the video to them, or are able to send the video in some way so that people can have access to it themselves.

Niger: Audio Story

The Genesis Film, Luke Film, Acts Film, Jesus Film and Magdalena on DVD have been distributed, but these films are starting to be spread via microSD cards on mobile devices. The story of a couple who are being pressured to separate for religious reasons reflects the value and importance of having a phone equipped with biblical content in the face of persecution.

Sri Lanka: Audio Story

About 60% of Sri Lankans own a mobile phone, with only a portion of those people owning smartphones or feature phones. These statistics show a great deal of mobile phone usage across the country.

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