Dinner in the Middle East

Yesterday (July 6, 2013), I took a couple of volunteers to a local restaurant.  The waiter that my wife and I have come to know well was waiting on our group once again.  I have not had a chance to sit with him to share in detail the gospel message.  As we sat on the floor eating with our hands in the local traditional way, our friendly waiter continued to serve us.  As the time to pay came, I slipped out to meet the waiter to pay him.  He was sitting in a hallway as the afternoon lull had come and I sat with him for a few minutes talking.  I told him how I want him to come to my house to visit and he said he would call me next week.  Then I told him that I want to give him a video from my phone, that it is a story from the Torat, Zabure, and the Injil (This is the way the locals understand our Old & New Testament), from the beginning of our holy book to the end.  He excitedly received it and as we were walking out, he was watching the 5 minute creation to Christ return story.  Pray for “M” that he will be drawn by the Spirit to believe and receive Jesus as his Savior.

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