Creating Powerful Videos for Deep Connections

Craig Forrest says he is not a branding expert, but as a professional filmmaker, he knows the importance of visuals to capture attention. He says that branding is “hitting your target, not just shooting arrows.” In this 50 minute video of his presentation, Hashtags: Tips and Techniques for Better Branding, at the MMF 2017 Consultation, he starts with some sobering statistics.

  • The average Facebook video is watched for only 22 seconds.
  • Videos longer than 2-3 minutes are rarely effective.

He does mention hashtags, but his presentation is mostly made up of powerful videos that appeal to emotions by telling a story for a product or cause. Beautiful, surprising, and sometimes heartbreaking, these videos draw you in. Don’t think that you will just skip through by fast-forwarding at points – you will not be able to pull yourself away. So, just plan on settling in with a cup of coffee or tea and watching the entire 50 minutes. You will be moved and inspired.

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