A Divine Appointment and a Mobile Phone

I teach a workshop about the digital use of Scripture resources in native languages of Mexico and recently I had an interesting “divine appointment” to be able to practice what I preach. I was at the local post office where I live in northwestern Mexico shipping off a package of CDs, DVDs and microSD cards in the main … Read more

Using Smartphones in Ministry

Marty Lange, of SIL International, explains right at the start of his presentation why using smartphones in your ministry is so strategic.  Even if you are working in an area without cellular service or internet, a smartphone is a media player. Twenty-six percent of the world’s population is under 14 years old and they will all … Read more

Our Favorite Android Apps for Spiritual Life and Outreach

Keith Williams has created a list of the best Android apps to use for your ministry – and it’s available as a free download! He has the apps listed alphabetically under each heading with a brief description of how the app can be used in mobile ministry. The headings are: Outreach Bible/Bible Study Prayer Spiritual … Read more

Choosing the Right Mobile Ministry Phone

So you’re interested in mobile ministry among the unreached and the first question that comes to mind is, “What kind of phone do I need?”  Here, listed in order of importance, are features you need to consider. 1.  Don’t buy the phone in your home country but, rather, “on-the-field” so you: Ensure that your phone … Read more

Digital in 2017

Every year, We Are Social produces an amazing report on digital, social, and mobile usage around the world. We encourage you to look through the first 25 slides in the slide deck below. The key statistics for digital, social, and mobile media in 2017 are: 3.77 billion internet users, equaling 50% global penetration 2.79 billion … Read more

Google Glass Experiences

We purchased a Google glass and allowed a number of leaders to test drive it for several weeks. Here are the responses of those who gave us feedback about their experiences. Clearly, Google is still developing this technology. We’ll see which improvements come in the next round. Brian James I don’t think Glass itself is … Read more

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