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Top Android App Downloads in 17 Least-Reached Countries

Keith Williams and Johnathan Pulos have gathered data on app downloads for the second half of 2016 in the 17 least reached countries. These colorful charts and the data behind them are available for you to download and view here. Android Apps Downloads by Category by Cumulative Rankings is the weighted score of all the […]

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“Every Cellphone a Bible” Survey Report

Cellphone technology, the 7th wave of mass media, is quickly changing the landscape of communication worldwide. Last year we surveyed 21,000 youth living in Mexico, Guatemala and Peru, measuring their attitude toward and usage of cellphone technology. Our goal was to measure how youth between the ages of 12 and 24, living in rural areas, are […]

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Mobile Assessment For Your Country

Keith Williams from Mobile Advance has done an extraordinary job in putting together a very simple tool to help you assess the digital technology available and being used in your country. Keith did a workshop on this at our 2015 consultation in Holland. Download the free assessment by clicking the button below. With this tool […]

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The Latest in Virtual Reality

PSFK Virtual Reality Debrief from PSFK. We’d love to hear your thoughts about VR.  What do you think the benefits of VR in general? The downside? What are potential ministry applications? Leave your thoughts below.

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Increase Your Volume-Bluetooth Speaker Review

It has been over a year and a half now since we published a review of 13 portable Bluetooth speakers that could be used in mobile ministry. With many new products on the market I tested 13 new models and want to share the updated results and recommendations with you. You may want to  reread the original review to get […]

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Africa – Wide Open for the Gospel

BibleTransmission has been surprised over and over with the great responses from the African nations for the Gospel on mobile. The responses to ad campaigns in the central and northern regions have proved that Africa is ripe for hearing the Gospel today more than any other continent. One might think that the poorer nations would […]

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Review of Portable Speakers for #mobmin

When you’re trying to play an evangelistic video on your phone, what’s the most common problem for the huddled crowd trying to view it? Most often it’s going to be actually hearing what’s going on from the tiny (not-so-loud) speaker on your mobile phone. One of the best ways to boost your phone’s weak speaker […]

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Global Mobile Stats, January 2015

If you need a little insight into the world of internet, social media, and mobile usage statistics, then you should definitely check out this slide deck. We Are Social has put together this report with some amazing statistics you need to be paying attention to if you want to use mobile technologies to advance the Good […]

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Mobile Ministry Top 10 for 2014

This post is from our friends at Mobile Advance. Be sure to check out all the great resources at the Mobile Advance website. Here are my picks for a mobile ministry top ten for 2014 (not in rank order): Mobile/digital Bible translation and distribution get a big boost with the release of the TranslationStudio and Unfolding Word  apps […]

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MMF 2013 Consultation Keynote #4: Tomi Ahonen on “Reaching Congregations in the Emerging World”

Tomi Ahonen, considered one of the world’s foremost experts on mobile technology, addressed the 2013 Mobile Ministry Forum consultation via the Internet. Speaking from a non-religious perspective, he brought keen insights that were greatly appreciated by the participants.

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