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A Strategy to Disciple a Mobile World

40 Days of Discipleship: Easy to use…Easy to share Do you (or the person you wish to encourage) not yet have a trusting relationship with a local church? Are you working shifts or have a complicated schedule that makes regular weekly attendance difficult? Have you recently moved to another city? Or are you a ‘get-up-and-do’ […]

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Exec Summary: Resources to Accelerate your Mobile Ministry Webinar

The Mobile Ministry Forum hosted part three in our webinar series on June 22, 2016. The topic was on resources for effectively increasing your reach in mobile ministry. Scroll down for the key ideas, recorded webinar (we recommend you view full screen), slides and notes from the live chat. Recorded Webinar   Presentation Slides Biblebox and Lightstream webinar […]

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Exec Summary: Refugees and Media Ministry Webinar

The Mobile Ministry Forum hosted this 50 minute webinar on May 25, 2016. The focus was on ways that mobile/digital ministry can assist in responding to the great needs of refugees around the world. This is a way for churches, ministries, and individuals to extend God’s love using media and mobile technology. 53 people participated in […]

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Expanding Opportunities for Vernacular Scripture Use via Smartphone in Mexico

The intense competition among cell phone companies in Mexico is leading to some great bargains these days. And I suspect that this will increase even more the viability of “Scriptures in use” strategies involving smartphones among the speakers of the native languages of Mexico where coverage is available. For example, for just 50 pesos (less […]

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Gospel Outreach with Media Conference

GOWM Online Conference Sessions to participate go to  starting March 28, 2016   The Message The Gospel for Today – and Always   Reaching Out to Community from Congregation and School Drawing Attention to Your Website Videography and Promotion Rallying Mission Support in Your Congregation   Panel: Reaching out from Congregation to Community A […]

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Multi-Language Mobile Bible Distribution – MMF 2015

Nancy Keel and Marguerite Inscoe talk about the distribution of the Bible in mobile form in multiple languages. The recorded session is above. The slidedeck is below.

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Resources in Arabic for Disciple Makers

What is the DMM Platform in Arabic? The DMM Platform in Arabic is a system of resources and trainings in Arabic that assist in catalyzing healthy and mature disciple making movements (DMM) in the Middle East and North Africa. It removes obstacles so that disciple­ makers experience less stress and have a better chance of success […]

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Google Glass Experiences

We purchased a Google glass and allowed a number of leaders to test drive it for several weeks. Here are the responses of those who gave us feedback about their experiences. Clearly, Google is still developing this technology. We’ll see which improvements come in the next round. Brian James I don’t think Glass itself is […]

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Increase Your Volume-Bluetooth Speaker Review

It has been over a year and a half now since we published a review of 13 portable Bluetooth speakers that could be used in mobile ministry. With many new products on the market I tested 13 new models and want to share the updated results and recommendations with you. You may want to  reread the original review to get […]

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Why is the Mobile Ministry Forum Necessary?

Check out this 3-minute video produced by visionSynergy about why the Mobile Ministry Forum is needed.

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