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"Every Cellphone a Bible" Survey Report

Cellphone technology, the 7th wave of mass media, is quickly changing the landscape of communication worldwide. Last year we surveyed 21,000 youth living in Mexico, Guatemala and Peru, measuring their attitude toward and usage of cellphone technology. Our goal was to measure how youth between the ages of 12 and 24, living in rural areas, are … Read more

A Strategy to Disciple a Mobile World

40 Days of Discipleship: Easy to use…Easy to share Do you (or the person you wish to encourage) not yet have a trusting relationship with a local church? Are you working shifts or have a complicated schedule that makes regular weekly attendance difficult? Have you recently moved to another city? Or are you a ‘get-up-and-do’ … Read more

5 Ways to Use

Over the last 4 years, the Mobile Ministry community has submitted over 5,200 resources on Twitter using the #mobmin hashtag. These resources have helped the community to better understand the mobile landscape, and integrate mobile technology in their current work. We wanted to make it easier for ministries to discover these resources! So today we are launching the website. This new website is a dedicated place for the community to discover, discuss, promote, and share these resources. Here are 5 ways you can use this new tool.

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World Cup Outreach Model: Latin America (2014)

We have focused on a technology rich experience for our activities during the World Cup. To date we have built and launched: Website:  This site is responsive in design and use. We have used video heavily throughout. It is in Spanish only as our primary target audience is the Hispanic community across the region. … Read more

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