Arab Outreach

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[Friend]  “Throw it to me.”

[Missionary]  “Okay, I’ll try. I’ve never thrown anything before so I am not sure how.”

At this point, each woman pulls out her cellphone with its large screen, great speakers, and bluetooth capability, and gets set to receive the file. I, on the other hand, having never transferred files via bluetooth, stumble through the set up and in the end fail!

I promise them that I will figure out how to do it and we will try again.

They were eager for me to “throw” (the local Arabic word that’s come to mean “send via bluetooth”) some evangelistic videos I had shown them illustrating the gospel message and the stories of the prophets.

(This story provided by Keith W)

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  1. Brian James July 22, 2015 at 9:16 am #

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