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We are slow to recommend building an app. Here are our trusted app developer friends…

  • Fingent – Samuel Varghese and is team have developed some significant apps for ministry for folks like Cru, OneHope and CBN.
  • Missional Digerati – Johnathan Pulos is a part of our steering team and our resident app expert. His ministry is a Christian non-profit mobile and web app development team dedicated to leveraging technology for the purpose of delivering the Gospel to every nation.
  • One Sheep – provides strategic, creative and technical insight to ministries. We then innovate, design and build mobile apps, websites and other digital services and products to enable great ministry success.

If you would like to be added to the list, and are part of the Mobile Ministry Community, please email Johnathan Pulos.



5 thoughts on “App Developers

  1. Hi RJ,

    This is from Team Fingent. It will be our pleasure to have a discussion with you about your project.
    Hoping to speak with you soon!


  2. I’m currently looking for new projects for my team, and would be glad to know if there is anything we can help you with.
    Let me know your thoughts/ questions please.

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