"Amanda" Sees Jesus & the Chief Hears and Listens

Then there’s Amanda. Ever since I’ve known her, she has said that she would like to learn to read.  Unlike her younger sister, she wasn’t sent to school.  Now her husband has given her a very high tech mobile phone.  It is amazing to see how she can navigate around the phone.  One evening, as we chatted she asked if I had any video clips she could put on her phone, or music.  Well as it happened I was just about to put clips of the JESUS Film on to my phone (was struggling to master the technology – but think I’ve got it sorted now!).

Earlier on that visit I sat with Musa, a chief, as he listened to a recording of the Scripture.  He was fascinated and nodding his head in agreement, and at one point was crouched over my phone in serious concentration, to catch every word.

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