Nancy, my daughter, who is tech savvy became the spokeswoman and demonstrator of Mobile Evangelism for the entire trip.  We arrived at the Seventh Day Adventist East Africa Division (representing 11 nations) where pastors from those nations happen to be attending a conference. The compound has about 200 acres, enclosed and gated, with a university, boarding school and various offices, housing and dorms. I had downloaded about 60 New Testaments in the major languages of those nations, thanks to Faith Comes By Hearing, and also some Jesus Film and GRN materials. I had them stored on a Seagate Wireless Plus (4 of them identical in content, about 150 GB each. (Yes, I did this all by my untechy self.) For several days Nancy and others from their media department did nothing but downloads of audio Bibles country by country.  The pastors were shocked to learn that I had an audio Bible in their language.  No one refused.  Everyone wanted a copy on their mobiles or their computers.  Windows 8 and iPhones were a little tricky, but Nancy and Media Center figured it out.  The Seagate’s will be strategically placed in 4 locations up and down the east coast of Africa with additional materials that the Adventists may add.

We stayed in the home of the Vice President of that Division, Pastor Jean-Pierre Mulumba.  He just happened to be the media advisor for the 11 nations!!!  He did not know who we were until we arrived.  The day before, he and the media personnel had prayed that God would direct them with media strategies to reach those nations.  He was overwhelmed, because we were the answer to their prayers the next day!  He authorized everything we wanted to do. He set up all the meetings. He said to me, “You have no idea. This thing will spread like wild fire across Africa. It will explode across the continent! You can’t imagine what you have done!”

Before I left to come home, Pastor Mulumba told me twice, that he will instruct the media director to advise/recommend by email all the other Adventist Divisions in the world to implement mobile evangelism in their respective nations, as we did in Kenya.  He said the media center will probably suggest 5 or 6 ways additionally to do it (of course).  The Adventist have about 18 million members worldwide. (I am not an Adventist, but the missionary who took us is an Adventist; hence our incredible connection!)

They now know  the exact the websites I went to, and I expect those sites to be mightily visited and used profoundly in the coming months and other similar sites as well.

Praise God, I consider the trip an astounding victory.   I believe that other Protestant denominations located in many countries will find out what the Adventists are doing and will do the same thing. THE GOSPEL IS REACHING THE ENDS OF THE EARTH. We are hastening the Day of the Lord!

Continuing in Him,

Nancy,  (wife, continuing Steve Keel’s vision)

PS I used to give me a list of languages for each country and point me to free content.

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