A Stop at the Shop

“Quick,” said “Mary” (pseudonym), on our way to the prayer meeting, “I must buy some  phone credit.”  So we stopped, somewhere I’d never stopped before.  As she chatted to the guy to buy the credit I took a look to see what else they had in the shop.  They were transferring videos from one phone to another.  Asked if they would like to see what I had.  I played the “Abraham’s Sacrifice” clip. “Copy it for me!” said one man.  “Certainly”, said I.  Me too, and me and me!   “Actually, I haven’t got a lot of time right now, but if you have a spare memory card I’ve got a whole lot more…… here, take the card.”

They knew who I was, and so weren’t in the least hesitant about handing over a memory card.  Turns out, in a later conversation that I had been to the shopkeeper’s house and he knew all  about who I was, and what I do.  Since then I’ve had several more contacts with the shopkeeper and some of the young men around there.

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